Now that event season is here, I thought it would be nice to do a series all about special events makeup. I want to feature examples and ideas to make your style choices easier for you.

Today, I´d like to talk about the “theory” behind this more special makeup we are “SUPPOSED” to wear on such occasions.

Let me explain: as we were discussing on my last post, makeup should be fun and beautifying. It should make you feel better and more confident, no matter your personal aesthetic preference. It´s not about right or wrong, it is about accentuating your best features. It is about making YOU look and feel great.

In stage makeup, actors and dancers use a whole lot of makeup to make their features visible from the stage, to make their facial expressions plenty to see. Eye makeup and contouring are a must. That means that lighting matters. A lot. We´ll get there in a minute.

Now, into special events makeup: we should take into consideration several factors, such as the kind of event we´re attending (is it a ceremony? Is it religious? Am I the main protagonist? How many guests are attending the event? Am I supposed to be sitting around a table?), if it is a day or and evening thing, if the setting is conservative or not…

I know, that´s a lot to think about, but, at the end of the day, being elegant is about knowing where you are and act accordingly.


As for day or evening makeup… it´s about lightning. I cannot stress too much the importance of light.

Natural daylight tends to be the less…unforgiving of them all. All your blending issues will show, and the tones you use will show “undiffused”, raw, just as they are.

Direct sunlight creates less shadow than artificial light does (because it doesn´t come from a specific point), so bare that in mind if you are a contour person: your contour will show, and look like an odd stripe of dark blusher or something unless you use it quite sparingly.

That´s why we play up the intensity of makeup in the evening, and we can get away with using more of everything: more foundation, more concealer, more contour, more blusher, more eyeshadow…

Nonetheless, evening makeup can be tricky too. Even though most places use warm lighting (with a yellowy-reddish undertone, like candlelight, which is the most beautifying and kind with color and blending issues), most likely than not, you are going to be photographed. That introduces a strong cool light that could pick on your light-reflective products (such as concealers, or any product containing SPF or silica…) producing “flashback” (therefore making the product look almost white) and that will wash out the color on your face (AKA bronzer or blusher).

I want to end up this post showing you the same makeup under different lighting. Bear in mind that I used the same camera and that I didn´t change the pics at all, for the sake of showing you the “real” effect.

I hope you liked it, and hopefully learned something new!!!

See you in the next post, I´ll be uploading a series of tutorials soon!!

Have fun!!!!!





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