Now that we know how to get our skin to look its best (learn here), it’s time to chat about color, shape, and textures.

Beauty standards are never static. Until Gaule (nowadays France) was conquered by Julius Caesar, Rome had a mainly greek approach to beauty. Then, roman ladies were completely mesmerized by the new Gauloises slaves’ looks: Blond or red, long hair, pale skin, and blue or green eyes were objects of desire.

Consequently, makeup, cosmetics and beauty regimes changed considerably.

Right now, beauty influences come, virtually, from ANYWHERE. I’d like to stop and look East… The Far East.


Back in the 70’s, glam rock had a LOT of influence from Japanese Kabuki theater and geishas, which actually still a thing right now, mostly in stage, artistic and editorial makeup.

Just think about red eyeshadow and blush placement…

Nonetheless, the apple of the eyes of cosmetic industry is nowadays South Korea. High fashion is mad about “guang” (dewy, almost wet-looking skin).

Again, makeup, cosmetics and beauty regimes are changing dramatically. Cosmetic’s first movers are developing products to get hyper-moisturized, juicy skin: serums, mists, moisturizers and masks to feed customer’s skin with vitamin C, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

Take a look at these Asian-inspired sheet masks by Germaine de Capuccini (Hi-tech Spanish brand)!!


If you are into makeup, you’ll probably be thinking “well, but that’s not new at all”. There is a long way from catwalk to sidewalk, though. Years of marketing work, I should say.

While some of us have been playing with “The Far East” cosmetics and makeup for quite a long time, mainstream cosmetic industry (AKA drugstore) has just released a bunch of “get the Kim Kardashian look” kind of products. Launched to get sharp features: a trend, almost ten years away for us, when fashion (think about Tom Ford!) was all about the androgyne/masculine look.

Now, the girly, more natural and organic style, inspired by eastern beauties, has taken over the fashion industry.


Easier and minimalistic makeup, with more light than ever before, will take over the counter. It’s just a matter of time!!

Over the years, West has completely embrace Eastern beauty standards, and we’ve embraced so vigorously that most people don’t recognize the “foreign” influence anymore.

That’s the beauty of fashion. The whole World at your fingertips.

See you in the next post!!!



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