I’m sure that some of you may be wondering “why is that girl so into medieval looks?” Easy: from my perspective, anything looks more modern than the naked or “hyperreal” skin that was on trend at that time.

Breathing skin, glowing and flawless.

Personally, I love cream makeup products. I love their effect. I love how natural they look. But, the downside of any cream is that it´s going to show skin texture issues, because of how do they reflect light. From flaky or dehydrated skin to open pores or acne. All it´s going to show.

Having smooth skin is a matter of time, patience, and good products. It doesn’t mean that you must spend lots of money, but you got to be careful choosing, and consistently use them.

Knowing your own skin condition is key to design your very own skincare routine. It took me years to figure out that I have dry, dehydrated skin even though I get spots sometimes.

After lots of trial and error (and a lot of reading) I’ve managed to reduce my skincare to 3 simple steps: cleansing, protecting and moisturizing. It takes me, average, 10 minutes a day, morning and night.




I have quite an intricate cleansing routine, but I can tell you: each and every one of the steps counts.

I do a double cleansing, first with good old Cold Cream followed by a bar cleanser and dozens of freezing-cold water splashes-

I use Pond’s Cold Cream as my oil-based makeup remover (it removes EVERYTHING: from everyday junk to waterproof makeup), and then I do a second round to massage my face at night. Like a nanny. But I´m telling you: massaging my face has made the greatest difference. My skin feels cleaner, my pores are smaller and I feel that I have less redness. Crazy!!

After that, I use a soap and alcohol-free cleanser. I like bars better but, again, is a matter of preference.

Once a week I exfoliate using a face brush with my bar cleanser. That’s it.

Last but not least, I use an alcohol-free toner.

Cleansing is complete!!




After cleansing the skin, I put on my SPF. Every single day.

I’m in my 30’s, but I’m starting to see aging signs… There are people my age with visible wrinkles. Let’s face it: getting tan is beautiful, but awful in the long term: sun spots, dryness, wrinkles, rougher skin. —and melanoma.

Do yourself a favor and use SPF, and stay away from the sun as long as you can. We always could use bronzer or a self-tanner to get that sun-kissed look.




Face, neck and décolleté. I like thicker moisturizing creams, but choose whatever it works for you.

If you manage to find the right products for your skin type, you’ll feel instantly fresher, and you will see long-term improvements in your skin quality faster than what you think.


Come on! It’s only 10 minutes away!!

(Spoiler alert!!: in the next post I’ll show you how to get the most natural #nomakeupmakeup look, to further enhance your beautiful, natural complexion)








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