In the last post, we got a sneak peek at the medieval beauty standards. Flawless immaculate (and super pale) skin was a must.

Clear, clean skin was considered a sign of a pure soul. It was a sign of youth, as well: the older the soul, the more corrupted, supposedly. In addition, using makeup to mask the flaws was said to be almost worst that the flaw itself, showing your impurity and sin soul…

What was left to do if you, being naturally tan or dry-skinned or acne-sufferer or having large pores (AKA human), still wanted to be “desirable”? The answer is easy: Skincare!!

Back then, women would make their own DIY concoctions at home, or, if they were wealthy enough, they would buy them in the market or at the convenience of their own castles, from the “Avon” or “Mary Kay” of the time.


On the one hand, oils (big Muslim trend), bleaching agents, kitchen supplies, and poisoning substances such as mercury and lead were usual ingredients of such a skincare.

Staying indoors, avoiding the harmful effects of the sun on the skin, and drawing blood from time to time were also popular to get that “ethereal” look.

On the other hand, poor hygiene and epidemics were usual at the time, as well. Good looking skin was pretty rare, as you may imagine.

Now, back to the future!

Sunkissed skin still is quite popular in western countries, not that much in the far east. But what we all want to achieve is that glowing flawless skin look. Even Japan, as I´ve heard Lisa Eldridge explaining (we looove Lisa!), has embraced a more satin-to-glowing effect, as supposed to the traditional matte look Japanese used to love.

When dealing with cosmetics and looks… I’d rather invest 10 minutes in clever skincare routine every day than spending half an hour piling on makeup every morning. The main reason being is that NO makeup item is going to look good if the complexion is not at its best. No matter how much you spend on it, no matter how luxurious it is. Raw truth.

If your skin looks great, you’ll look great, that’s my motto!!

So! Let’s get down to business. Just three words: cleanse, protect and moisturize.

In upcoming posts, we’ll chat about skincare, prior to starting playing with different makeup techniques to enhance our hard work.

Till then…Take care!!! And remember: cleanse, protect and moisturize your skin, you only have one!!!



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